Reconstructions of 18th century court gowns.
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Reine des Centfeuilles

a company, which became under the management of Mauritia Kirchner worldwide the first address for the reproduction of historical court garments for customers from the private sector.
The company has a highly valued reputation for its reproductions of the 18th century by customers and experts alike. Over the decades of activity, we have acquired an international network of exquisite suppliers, contacts to important art collections and profound specialist knowledge. With this expertise, we were able to reproduce antique textiles that no one has worn in this form for centuries and that were reserved for kings and queens in their time.

We have now stopped the manufacturing. But if you need an estimation of a date of a worn robe - displayed on a painting or of an antique textile, you are welcome to ask for an expertise.

We would like to invite you to get an overview of our reproductions on this page.

  • Court Gowns

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